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Funeral bulletins (sometimes called funeral program, funeral pamphlets or funeral programs) are the printed document that is given out funeral or memorial services that outlines the key points in the funeral or memorial service and summarizes the life achievements of your deceased loved one. Memorial and funeral bulletins can also be distributed electronically, such as through email or posted to social media and memorial websites.

The family usually gathers and prepares the information for the funeral bulletin.  They may work with the funeral home, church or graphic designer to create it, or they may use funeral bulletin template from The Funeral Program Site to create unique, beautiful and personalized custom funeral bulletins on their own computer and home printer. See our collection below for our complete funeral bulletin bifold designs!

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Funeral Programs usually contain the following information Funeral Program Cover photo and background graphics or other clipart with a descriptive caption,  Funeral Program Order of Service or Service Outline, A Descriptive Obituary or Life Sketch, Funeral Poems and Scriptutres, Memorial Photo collages and Memorial clipart. In addition to written information, other design elements can be added to your funeral program to give the program a more polished and personalized look and feel.  Consider adding photos of family and friends and photo collages to your program to turn your program into a special momento or keepsake.  You can also add memorial clipart such as fancy borders, and frames around photos and text, clipart that helps describe your loved one's personality such as a religious image or a favorite flower.  Flourishes and separators can be added to visual clarity and white space to your programs, and give an organized and neat appearance.

The back of the funeral program may include a memorial poem, favorite song or prayer.  The final section of the funeral program may also include a personal quote from a family member, listing of pall bearers (men that carry the casket), flower bearers (women traditionally carry flowers and place them on the alter) or special acknowledgements (short thank you from the family).  When designing a funeral program, it is important to remember that the funeral program is a keepsake that represents the life of your loved one. The funeral programs should be detailed and share the unique personality traits of your loved one.

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The funeral bulletin serves as a poignant and essential document, embodying the solemnity of a farewell ceremony and providing a tangible connection between the departed and those who gather to mourn. Typically adorned with tasteful graphics and serene imagery, the bulletin serves as a guide through the proceedings of the funeral service, offering a schedule of events, hymns, and eulogies. In addition to the logistical details, it often includes a brief biography and a cherished photograph of the deceased, inviting attendees to reflect on the life that was. This carefully crafted document acts as a tangible keepsake for mourners, a tangible memento that preserves the memory of the departed and the shared moments of grief and remembrance. The funeral bulletin, while an understated piece of paper, becomes a powerful symbol of the collective journey through loss, providing a sense of structure and solace during a time of profound emotional weight.


Funeral bulletins are bifold letter size sheets of paper folded in half to form a pamphlet.

What is a funeral bulletin?

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What do you put inside a funeral bulletin?
  1. Funeral Program Title. Even though the title is just a short phrase or caption, it sets the overall tone of the program.
  2. Cover Photo. ... 
  3. Funeral Order of Service (Funeral Outline) ... 
  4. Written Obituary or Life Biography
  5. Funeral and Memorial Poems. ... 
  6. Funeral Prayers.  
  7. Funeral Song Lyrics.
How do you make a funeral bulletin?

Gather information for your funeral bulletin

A Cover Photo and Funeral Service Information.Funeral Program Order or Service (list of events of the ceremony), Funeral Poems or Favorite Quotes, Scriptures.A detailed obituary, tribute or biography. Use a funeral bulletin template from The Funeral Program Site to get a jump start on the process.

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